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Why are Bloggers not Able to Earn Money Online?

Because most of the bloggers are mere bloggers and definitely not having the qualities of an internet marketer. No doubt that there are people who blog out of sheer interest & passion or maybe for recognition. Even though we exclude those people not interested in the monetary side of blogging, there are people who start blogging in the hope of earning money online and most of them fail at it and end up quitting it.

A lot of people say blogging on a free platform like is highly unprofessional and one of the reasons for failure. And to become a serious blogger one needs to blog on self-hosted WordPress. I don’t completely agree with it though. A free blog on can earn you a lot of money if you do it right. But the major disadvantage of is they could remove your blog from their server without any sort of notification blaming you for spamming the web. That gets very frustrating after you build up a popular money making blog. So those who are really broke can still blog on but comply with their TOS.

Bloggers are not able to make money online

Let us get back to the main point. Why most of the Indian bloggers do not earn any money online.

1. Lack of Focus: This is the most important reason of all. Without any sort of planning, they start blogging about anything and everything. Very detrimental to online success mainly for beginners.

Remedy: Find a niche/subject you are comfortable with and ensure your potential visitors spend money online and find out exactly where they like to spend. You have to hit that area.

2. Branding: One of the most important aspects is branding which helps at every step. To stand out from the crowd one needs to create a custom design for the blog and the message should be delivered differently.

3. Lack of communication skill: Without a certain level of communication skill one cannot be a good blogger at all.

Remedy: Learn to communicate. At least in written English.

4. Lack of Research: They do not know about keyword research, market research & competitor analysis. If somebody doesn’t do this he is dead even before he begins.

Remedy: Learning is the only way out.

5. SEO: They do not even know what search engine optimization is and as a result, they often get frustrated not getting to see their blogs in the search results. Some bloggers even expertise in copy-pasting from others because they do not know the dos & donts.

Remedy: SEO is not a rocket science. Anybody can learn it. No dearth of free online resources.

6. AdSense: They do not have proper knowledge of AdSense

Remedy: learn from somebody reliable and recognized AdSense expert like Joel comm or research on it.

7. Affiliate Marketing: They do not know about affiliate marketing & true potential of it.

Remedy: research learns and develops your salesmanship along with the technical know-how.

8. Paid Reviews: Nobody hires them to write paid reviews. Because employers do not want their products or services reviewed in a blog which is about anything and everything.

Remedy: Be focused. Build RSS subscribers build up a reader base first.

9. Niche Selection: They blog about blogging & making money online: This is a no-no to those who could not earn any money online so far. As far as the quality of visitors is concerned, they are well aware of AdSense Ads, affiliate links resulting in pathetic click-through rate and poor conversion rate.

Remedy: Blog about something where the average AdSense CPC is more and the audience doesn’t know about AdSense Ads or Affiliate marketing.

I compiled from my own point of views. What is your take? share in comments.

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