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What It Takes to Earn Money Online in India

You might be coming across sales pitches like “You just need a computer with internet connection” to earn money online using certain products. Thing is not that easy. Trust me for the time being.

Marketers speak like this so as to widen their customer base and be rich. What the buyers get is utter crap. Sometimes it may be some information available for free on the internet, sometimes some worthless ad clicking, e-mail reading, form filling or other data entry kind of online jobs leading to frustration. This way aspirants leave the hope of making money online and they earn it offline.

Earning money online is 500% possible but the success rate is below 5%. Because around 95% people looking to build an online portfolio either do wrong stuff or do stuff wrong. And yes often they get misguided by unethical marketers. let me tell you one thing, earning money offline is much easier than earning it online.

Skills required to make money online

Today I will tell you exactly what it takes to earn money online sitting right here in India.

1. Communication

Until & unless you are good at communicating (written & verbal) with others especially in English, there is lesser hope for you. In case you are weak in English better hone your skill.

2. Smartness

Smart presentation, smart& intelligent decisions and smarter implementation of techniques will help you stand out from the crowd. No doubt.

3. Knowledge

You need to have the overall knowledge of internet marketing and then expertise in the particular area you want to work on. Things like keyword research, search engine marketing (SEM), Search engine Optimization (SEO), Web 2.0 properties, Affiliate marketing, PPC, blogging, social media have to be understood clearly.

4. Salesmanship

This is a must. Because directly or indirectly you have to sell something in order to get paid. So you have to have the quality of a good salesman to do good. Either you sell your own product/service or recommend other peoples product/service or sell advertisements your salesmanship quality helps everywhere.

5. The attitude of a businessman

You must consider your online portfolios as a business. And serious efforts has to be put in. It’s not like ” Making money while sleeping”. That’s possible after you establish your system in place. Not before that. If you have the very limited capital to invest then you have to do all these stuff alone. But if you have money to invest then you must outsource almost all your works to the freelancers apart from maintaining the system.

6. Proper tools

You or your online business needs proper tools to do things properly irrespective of free or paid. So you have to be very careful and analytic when choosing a tool.

The above factors are very generic and no cut-throat guide to earn money online in India. You have to be with me to get to know the strategies. Later folks.

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