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How to Earn Money from YouTube?

There are people who hate to be a Blogger or webmaster and look for a straight cut way of doing something which could bring money from internet. If you can take the challenge of creating simple YouTube videos and can get them displayed on YouTube as well as Google search, you are likely to make good money online with it. If you are technically challenged to create videos you can then outsource it in Fiverr like micro job sites and get your video created for a measly $5.

Especially after the recent spammer slapping and affiliate killing Google updates (Panda+Penguine) Youtube videos started appearing in the Google search results like never before. I thought this excessive YouTube videos in search are not going to stay for long and will disappear after Google fixes it up. But man, I was darn wrong.

how to earn money from youtube

YouTube videos are here to stay in Google SERP. You know well that people directly go to YouTube and then search whatever they are looking for. So there are two major sources of traffic to YouTube videos.

  • YouTube itself
  • Google search results

How to make money online on YouTube?

There are several ways to make money from YouTube. A lot of people simply run AdSense on their YouTube videos to make money from it but that is not the only way. Marketers use YouTube as a great way to get targeted traffic to their money making sites or offers all the time.  I will talk about promoting other peoples product (Affiliate Marketing) with the help of YouTube videos and getting a handsome commission when the product is sold through your affiliate link. You have every option to promote your own product or services but not everybody can be a product-guy. So promoting a high converting product can be sometimes a wise decision.

First thing first. You need to find a product (Digital or Physical) which people are already buying online. I would recommend you to get started with digital products like ebooks, software which buyers can download instantly. Finding a good product which sells is not a very tough task. This is a good guide to pick a good Clickbank product worth promoting. You can also review physical products.

Affiliate networks you can use


Sign up with the above affiliate networks. It’s absolutely free.

Time to create your YouTube videos

Now you have to create YoutTube videos which will be a review of the product or on a keyword relevant to the product you picked up for promoting. You can be creative with your videos mixed with a soft sales message which will convert viewers into buyers. You can use free software like CamStudio or Camtasia Studio (Paid) to create video files with computer screen captures, powerpoint presentations etc. You can create videos the way you like. But the content of the video should encourage people to take action so that they buy through your affiliate like because that is the whole point of taking all the pain.

Optimizing your videos for YouTube search and Google Search

Chose a keyword rich title. You can use “Product name”+review if it is being searched (check it on Adword keyword tool). Or go for any title which describes the video well as well as searched by people with buying intent. So you are not spared from keyword research. (Important) Name the video file by your target keyword. Upload it and add some tags. Put your keyword in the description with a call to action immediately followed by the URL. You can promote your videos on social media to get better rankings.

Don’t forget to put your affiliate link below the YouTube video you created. people will watch your video and would be interested to know more and will follow your affiliate link to reach the product page and you will make your commission when the product is bought. This is a good and legit wat to make money online on YouTube.

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