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How to Insert Heading Tags to BlogSpot Blog Posts?

This tutorial is for those who are using as their blogging platform and want to incorporate heading tags (H1, H2, H3…H6) into the individual blog posts.

I presume you already know the importance of heading tags from the search engine optimization point of view. A web page or a blog post should be having heading tags to emphasize the keywords. For example, you are writing on a keyword ” colon cleansing tips”. You should use this keyword in the H1 tag to tell search engines the main keyword of your article besides putting it in the title tag. Here is a tutorial to use your post title as the title tag of your blog post.

The other heading tags (H2….H6) contain keywords/related keywords of lesser importance respectively. So now let us see how you can insert heading tags inside your blogger blog posts.

Suppose you are writing a blog post on blogger editor and

Mind you, you are now in compose mode and you need to go to HTML mode to do what you want. Go to HTML mode by clicking on it. And see the image below.

This is how you have to insert heading tags inside your blogger blog posts. Now you are not done yet. Let’s take a look at the look of the blog post clicking on compose mode. See image below

To change the style of the heading texts you need to add some CSS for that. but you can give a normal look to it by selecting the text and clicking on T as shown in the image and selecting the normal option.

So you now did with putting of heading tags into your blogger blog post. Maybe you know some other ways to do it. Please share in comments.

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