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LSI Keywords: An Indispensable Part of SEO

In all probability, you are convinced of the importance of SEO in internet marketing by now. The concept of LSI keyword and it’s proper implementation in SEO will surely give a boost in SEO campaign to outrank your competitors in the Search engine result pages (SERP).

What is LSI keyword

What is LSI?

Basically, LSI is a search engine algorithm of Google. It stands for Latent Semantic Indexing. It’s about the related keywords of the main keyword you are targeting. Search engine robot wants to see some LSI keywords in your web page along with your main keyword and not the mere repetition of your main keyword. Let me make it clear to you by an example, suppose your main keyword is “Guitar Scale”, it’s a no-brainer that you would want to have this keyword in your web page content maintaining a keyword density of around 3-5%. But you are skipping an opportunity not using related keywords like “guitar chords”, ” jazz guitar scale” “guitar scale chart”, “rock guitar” etc along with your main keyword.

Insertion of LSI keywords make a copy more natural and readable and SE friendly. In practicality, SE gets a better Idea of the subject of a web page if LSI keywords are inserted tactfully because search engine follows the algorithm.

Importance of LSI in Link Building

So now you know the importance of LSI keywords in on page SEO. But your knowledge is not complete yet. LSI keywords have got a lot to do with link building. While you are building links from other websites to your website, you are using a link text for the hyperlink. That is known as anchor text. People say try to put the main keyword in the anchor text instead of click here or other irrelevant words. But it has been observed that variation of anchor text is the key. You need to build links with LSI keywords of your main keywords as your anchor texts along with the main keyword as anchor text and some other totally irrelevant words to make it natural looking to SEs.

Where can I get LSI keywords?

You need a keyword research tool and some common sense to find it out. Google Adwords free keyword research tool displays LSI words when you put your main keyword for research purpose. You can go for paid keyword tools for an exclusive list of LSI keywords of your main keyword.

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