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How to Make Money by Affiliate Marketing in India

Affiliate marketing is all about pre-selling other peoples products or services. Do you want to know – how to make money by affiliate marketing in India? The product owner is Merchant & you are the Affiliate if you assist his selling endeavor. You would get a handsome commission if you can make the sale. Generally, the percentage of commission varies from 20-75 but it could be 100% of the product price also. Merchants offer 100% commission to the affiliates because he is getting a customer in his pipeline to whom he can sell his other products without any sort of commissions to the affiliate any more. Some merchants offer recurring commission also but that won’t be 100%. A lot of Indian affiliate marketers are earning money online in India as their major source of income.

Make money by affiliate marketing

Make money by affiliate marketingMake money by affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing has been the favorite money maker for most of the present day internet marketers, the main reason behind is

  • You do not need your own product
  • You do not have to deal with the customers directly
  • Percentage of the commission is worth mentioning

To become a successful affiliate marketer online you need knowledge, tools, and money of course. Do not forget the basics. Money makes money. You can conduct affiliate marketing with/without a website or blog. You can go for pay per click ads (Adword) to drive potential buyers directly to the merchant’s landing page. You can direct people through yahoo answers. The most effective way of doing it is through your own blog/ website and building lists of potential buyers. Successful affiliate marketers say ” money is in the list”.

Beginners usually fail to make any sell because they take it very easy. Without proper keyword research, finding out the right keywords, choosing the right product, the design of landing page, convincing copywriting, and effective promotional measures one is bound to fail at affiliate marketing.

You need to have due knowledge of Internet marketing and affiliate marketing in particular. Allan Gardyne has a lot to tell you for free to help you earn money online through affiliate marketing right from the comfort of your home in India.

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