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The Secret to Making Money Online in India

First, let me tell you what does making money online in India actually mean. It’s either targeting Indian people as your potential online customer base or conducting an online business from India targeting the whole world or whichever geographic section of people you want to.

There are no so-called secrets to make money online in India. First, you have to plan a money-making model as there are literally countless ways to go in internet marketing. You can have a look at the major ways you can opt for. You can go for a combination of 2-3 major ways like AdSense (Selling Google Ads) & Affiliate marketing (Selling other peoples product or service) & selling your own product. Here I will talk about AdSense and Affiliate Marketing only.

Making money online in india

The secret to Making Money Online in India

Another very very important aspect is your learning curve. If you are not willing to learn different aspects of online marketing, this tutorial is not for you. You better earn money offline. When it comes to investing online, some of you will turn your back and say Damn. I wrote how to make money online in India without investment for those looking for free opportunity. Wherever you go,  ultimately you have to get involved in buying &  selling to make a significant amount of money. And free is not always good you know. Creating websites with your own domain name, own hosting gives you a sense of security and professionalism.

Now let us understand what exactly is internet marketing. It’s all about marketing products or services with the help of internet. You have to target a section of people as your potential customer base. In order to target a section of people on the internet, you have to know what they search in the search engine or elsewhere when they try to find a product, service or information you are likely to promote. Those search words are keywords for you. You can conduct your keyword research by KeywordCountry or  Adword keyword tool. Selection of keyword is very crucial to your online success. Be it AdSense or be it Affiliate Marketing.

Build your virtual Empire

It has been proved that having your own website has got more online money making potential than using other websites. You need website/blog of your own. Proper market research, keyword research, brainstorming of the topic of your website, Search engine friendly website/blog design and ongoing SEO are the way to go in order to create good unique informative and relevant websites.

Blogging like a blogger or Internet Marketer?

Blogging has become a viable way to earn money if somebody does it right. Being just a blogger writing about anything and everything is not the way. Because people search online in search of solutions to a problem in most cases and not for what you have to say about your love life or to click your AdSense ads. You have to provide value to your visitors and the web as well. I have nothing against those blogger who writes about “been there, done that”. But as long as earning money from blogs are concerned a focused theme is a key.

Where is the Money?

Almost every internet marketer who talk of making money online, discourage others to not to make a site about making money online as if the MMO (Make Money Online) niche is their own bloody asset. If you are having adequate knowledge and a proven money making system which makes you money online, you can surely go for MMO niche. But there are countless niches which are not as competitive as Internet Marketing and a lot of money is there too. A lot of people are raking in huge cash with “Health” niche. So your first job would be to decide the type of market you would like to be in. Search volume, Competitor analysis, availability of advertisers, availability of merchants, Average Adword CPC are the determining factors behind the selection of topic. You can’t afford to skip these steps.

Name Sweet Name

For domain name registration Godaddy is undisputed number one.  If your target market is Indian people then, .in (country level domain name) would work better than .com (Top level domain name). In terms of popularity .com beats every extension. The name should be short and simple and should be easily remembered. Though keyword rich domain names provide a competitive advantage when it comes to ranking in search engines, do not spoil your domain name. If it is possible to insert your main keyword in your domain name which sounds good, you are set. Buy that domain.

You need a web server to render your site live on the Internet

When it comes to buying your hosting space, you have to choose wisely. Local hosting would give you a competitive advantage in search engine ranking. You should go for Indian hosting if you want to rank your site in, the international host would help you rank well in Another thing to look up is the uptime of your hosting provider. 99.99% is a good one. Because if your web server gets down, nobody would be able to access your site along with the search engine bot resulting in loss of rank.

Website or Blog?

Both work well. WordPress has a lot to give you for free. A free blogging software to create your blog or you can go for website powered by WordPress. Static websites could work well too. In that case, go for full CSS design and other search engine friendly designs. WordPress has got a lot of free and must have plugins to take care of on-page SEO and others. Installation of WordPress on your hosting server is quite easy. You would get every guidance for free.

What about content?

You are done with everything now apart from the content. If you can’t write by yourself, you have to hire somebody to write for you. Private label articles (PLR) is not as good as unique articles. And you can not use them as it is.  Just copy first 2-3 lines of the PLR article and paste into Google ’s search box and hit enter. See how many websites are using the exact same article. You must rewrite it to stand out as search engine loves unique content. Otherwise, it would be difficult to rank your web pages in SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). No visitors, No money. Another IM failure. Simple.

How to rank your website in Google, Yahoo’s  SERP?

This is where your secret to making money online in India is hidden. Without the know-how of SEO, you can’t rank your sites in the search engines result in pages. You must understand what is what of SEO irrespective of whether you do it by yourself or not. You can hire an SEO for that. SEO is all about bringing relevancy and the popularity of your websites. On the page, Optimization would render relevancy and off page optimization to build link popularity. link popularity is about getting links from other websites pointing to your websites.

AdSense Time

Your website has started getting visitors now. It’s now time to run AdSense Ads on your site. Apply for AdSense account. Get approved. Get code. Run it. Get clicks. Check account stats. Be happy with your profitable work from home business model. Joel Comm wrote the best AdSense ebook ever. Read that book and act accordingly to get better results.

Start Affiliating

Sign up with Affiliate networks like Clickbank.Com and recommend other peoples products to your visitors which would be of use to them. In a country like India, most people are not that accustomed to buying stuff online. Affiliate marketing, targeting Indian people would not be that profitable. Going global is recommended at this time. Ewen Chia, a super affiliate, can teach you affiliate marketing like a true expert. Follow him to succeed in Affiliate Marketing.  Success Ahead.

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