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Online Data Entry Jobs in India and the Hard Reality

Know about the online data entry jobs in India and the truth. Still online data entry jobs in India and worldwide are a viable way to cheat people and earn money online. Fraudsters making capital out of the ignorance of common people looking for data entry jobs. Specially wannabe work at home moms is most vulnerable to the vicious circle of data entry scams. It’s not like data entry jobs do not exist at all. If you think so you are mistaken for sure. First of all, you need to understand what exactly is called data entry if you do not already know it.

What is Data Entry?

Data entry jobs are kind of computer jobs requiring lesser technical knowledge encompassing a broader range of occupations like Typing, word processing, transcribing, coding etc. So data entry does not necessarily mean typing jobs.

You never need to spend money to get data entry jobs. No never.

Online data entry jobs in India

Who Provides Data Entry Jobs?

Many Companies and individuals worldwide outsource some of their data entry jobs to some other companies or freelancers in order to reduce their workload and total expenditure. Because it is cheaper to get works done by outsourcing it rather than keeping an in-house data entry operator.

Eligibility to do it: Many think that almost everyone is eligible to pursue a data entry job. And this is the very reason fraudsters target this area in order to get countless data entry job aspirants and eventually cheating them. Things are not that easy. You need to prove yourself that you are good at any of the aspects of data entry. Like you can type too fast without spelling mistakes or you are good at processing data, writing etc.

Why it’s harder to find genuine data entry jobs?

Because around 95% data entry job providers are scammers. They dominate the search engines with the help of SEO and other promotion techniques. This is what their money-making model is.  As a result, searchers do not get to see the genuine job providers. And most of the genuine sites do not target the keyword “data entry jobs” to rank in search engines result in pages.

How people looking for data entry jobs get befooled?

“Fake it until you make it” This is what scammers Mantra is.

Most of the data entry job site ask for money before you get works or know where to get works. This is utterly ridiculous. A data entry job provider is never supposed to ask for any money to let you join. You are willing to work for them in exchange for money. Why the heck you should cash out any money.

What they do is they create an appealing website, convincing sales pitch, promising a good amount of money within a very short period of time and still there are people who pay them in the hope of some easy online computer works and earn money doing the same from home.

What happens after they get paid?

  • They could simply forget about you.
  • They could tell you to promote their website through your referral link promising commission when you could make others join. But no data entry jobs. Damn.
  • Some others would direct you to Commission Junction, Clickbank like affiliate marketing network to promote other peoples product with Google Adwords (Paid Advertising network of Google). A beginner with no knowledge of Adword campaigning would lose for sure. Loss of even more money.
  • Even if somebody provides some work, that too with an unattainable target so that disconnection becomes justified.

Surely they keep inventing other ways to cheat people. This is the hard reality of online data entry jobs in India and the whole world as well. You have to stay away from them. That’s it.

Enough is Enough. Now tell me…

Where to get genuine data entry Jobs?

You have to go to different freelance sites and check what jobs are available in their data entry sections.

Some Genuine sites

  • Freelancer.Com

Try to find other trusted freelance networks, sign up with them for free, make a profile of yours and bid for data entry jobs. Initially, you might find it difficult to get a job. A good profile, portfolio, previous client testimonials (if any) help.

If you consider yourself to be of more individual capacity then you can have a look at making money online in India with Adsense. Happy earning money online.

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