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How an SEO can Earn Money Online in India?

This is solely for those who are in search of a good freelance niche in order to earn money online in India. OnlineMoneyKey recommends you to become an SEO ( Search Engine Optimizer) to make that happen. The reason behind this recommendation is the lucrativeness and demand of an SEO in India.

Let me make it clear to you what exactly SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is. To understand search engine optimization you need to know about search engines. Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask are the examples of major search engines. These companies have a search system of their own. Big server, big website & lot of intelligent developers/programmers.

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What does a search engine do?

Collecting digital information in their database from all around the web and showing relevant results when someone searches for something they want.

Every website owners and companies with a website strive to see their websites in the first page of search engine result pages for their particular subject or keyword because in this modern age of marketing Internet Marketing is a must. Now let’s think for a moment, what will happen if 1000 people make their website with the same subject same product and same location? There will be competition among the website owners because major search engines have got only 10 spots in their first-page search result. There is no point in ranking at number #70. No one is going to find that. And it’s a no-brainer that the higher rank of a website in search engines is directly proportional to it’s earning potential. Companies or individuals who are in the race to get ranked in the search engine result pages (SERP) are ready to pay someone who can elevate the rank of their website resulting in expansion of their business.

Role of an SEO: Here comes the role of an SEO (search engine Optimizer). By the use of certain techniques, SEO’s can change the position of a website in the search results. Technical work involves basically two things.

(I) On-Page Optimization

(II) Off-page Optimization

On-page, optimization is all about optimizing the website code and making the website relevant to the topic concerned and Off-page optimization is about building links to the website concerned from other related web pages and some other measures to broaden the online visibility of the website. Anybody with a right mind can do this and get paid a huge amount.


  • Knowledge
  • A computer connected to the internet
  • SEO tools
  • Good Communication
  • Credit card/Paypal to receive money from clients abroad

Take Action:

SEO is not a rocket science. You can learn it for free on the net. But when it comes to becoming SEO freelancer you need to have some deeper knowledge of it. You need to have an overall concept of web technologies to get started. You need to understand how a search engine works and structure of the web property you will be doing SEO for. You can get trained from some SEO training institute where you have the advantage of doing live projects or learn from Aaron Wall, one of the most respected SEO in the world.

As long as tools are concerned, you need Keyword research tool, Web page editors like Dream Weaver, File transfer protocol like Filezilla, Backlink Analysis tools etc. Most of them are available for free.

After you are confident of conducting SEO work for your clients, you need to communicate with them. Better let your clients get in touch you through your blog, where you will be promoting yourself as an SEO freelancer of India or any state concerned. And obviously join freelance networks like Guru.com, Elance.com etc to get more clients. Try to get clients offline too.

Earning potential is indeed huge. You just have to prove yourself. You can earn a lot of money online in India being an SEO for sure.

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