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What is Keyword and Why is Keyword Research Crucial?

Let’s find the answer to two main questions- what is keyword and why is keyword research crucial. Generally speaking, a keyword is an index entry which identifies a specific record or document but in Internet Marketing, a  “Keyword” is meant the word or combination of words people type in the search box of search engines. It can be classified into 3 categories.

What is Keyword research

  1. Primary Keyword
  2. Secondary Keyword
  3. Tertiary Keyword

Let me help you by giving an example. If  “Guitar” is the primary keyword “Guitar Chords” becomes secondary & “Guitar chords for beginners ” becomes a tertiary keyword. When a keyword phrase becomes lengthy it is called a “long tail keyword”.

Hope now you can understand what exactly a keyword is.  As long as earning money online is concerned the concept of keyword and Skill of conducting keyword research is a must. Internet marketing is all about targeting potential buyers to the product page/landing page and making the sell with the help of keyword research & market research. Until and unless you are aware of what people search and what is the volume of search along with other factors like the competitiveness of the keyword, availability of advertisers, average cost per click etc. you can not take right decision regarding the orientation of your online journey.

Can you afford to write something online which is not searched by anyone? Same way you also can not afford to target a market where very big players are already existing. More the search volume of a keyword more the competition on that. You should target low competition keyword while starting, gradually you can target high volume high competition keyword. You can introspect all these by doing proper keyword research. Your SEO strategy cannot be compiled without it.

To conduct keyword research you will need keyword research tools. The best free keyword research tool is Google Adwords Tool.  You can get a better idea of conducting keyword research by reading this free ebook.

It may so happen that you know some exclusive tactics of conducting the same. Please share comments.

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